BitcoinStake – Proof of Stake and Why you Should Care

BitcoinStake – Proof of Stake and Why you Should Care

With all the coins being released to the world, BitcoinStake was introduced. The coin can be acquired through exchanges or via an AirDrop if you qualify.

The coin is Full PoS. You gain 10% annual interest by keeping your wallet open. What this actually means that no electricity  is needed being that there is no mining involved.  The more wallets are left open to stake the stronger the network is.

One of the special things about this launch is the developers activity with the community he is creating.  The Developer has several bounties setup so that the community could interact to help build this coin. Hardly any fud was being posted on the bitcointalk thread.

Bitcoinstake is on the way to being a popular coin to trade. Active participation from the community is leading me to believe this. We are still waiting for an official roadmap to be published. The staking feature is great, but what would  make this coin stand out even more is a masternode feature.  Hopefully Bitcoinstake catches the eyes of the bigger exchanges. If that happens we can see the trade volume go up.

BitcoinStake is being traded on the following exchanges:


Visit the BitcoinStake website for more info:



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